Easy 10 Ways to Use Flutamide Dose for Hirsutism Treatment

Flutamide dose

Easy 10 Ways to Use Flutamide Dose for Hirsutism Treatment: Hirsutism is a big issue which is the cause of other diseases such as obesity, PCOS, obesity, inflammation etc. Flutamide helps you to treat hirsutism effectively but you should take advise from your doctor before starting treatment of flutamide.

Hirsutism can be very embarrassing situation in the society for women so you should give proper care to your body like exercising, doing power yoga, eating healthy foods.


Flutamide Dose for Hirsutism Treatment 2017


Flutamide dose



#1 Introduction To Hirsutism

Hirsutism is a disease that causes male like hair pattern in women which is also a indication to some serious illness like PCOD, obesity, hypertension, irregular periods, depression, anxiety etc


#2 Flutamide For Treatment Of Hirsutism

There are many treatments available to cure Hirsutism but one of the most powerful medications is Flutamide Dose. This medications has shown a great affect on the treatment of Hirsutism.


#3 Introduction To Flutamide

Flutamide is a synthetic non-steroidal anti androgen drug which was initially developed for the treatment of prostate cancer.


#4 Power

It competes with androgen production and act as a selective antagonist for the androgen receptor.


#5 Treatment Of Hirsutism

It is proven that Flutamide dose works quite well for the treatment of Hirsutism. As hormonal imbalance is the one of the main cause of hirsutism.


#6 Daily Dosage

It is suggested that the Flutamide dose  should be taken between 62.5 to 500 mg daily. You can also take some suggestions from the specialized doctor as everyone women has different type of hair growth on their body.


#7 Precautions Before Starting This Treatment

For best result, Flutamide dose should be taken along with the oral contraceptives pills. This pills works wonders by maintaining the hormonal and adrenal production in the body and also regulates the menstrual cycle.


#8 Take Your Doctor Advice

The patients who have Hirsutism due to excessive androgen level or poly cystic ovary syndrome PCOS can have dosage less than 250 mg as prescribed by the doctor.


#9 Visible Change

With the regular usage of Flutamide dose results in the management of  Hirsutism. It will also help in the less re growth of the hair on the body. 60-70% women have shown improvement on their body hair within 3 months of its usage.


#10 Some Side Effects

Some of the risks involves with the usage of this drug are liver disorder, extreme dry skin and scalp, reduced appetite, lethal hepatotoxicity etc. So beware of these side effects before starting your medication.


Conclusion: Every treatment has its pros and cons but this treatment has great affect on the hirsute women. “Flutamide dose” or drug can helps in curing Hirsutism but it has some side effects as well.

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