Top 10 Interesting Facts About Ketoconazole Cream for the Treatment of Hirsutism

Ketoconazole Cream
Ketoconazole Cream

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Ketoconazole Cream for the Treatment of Hirsutism: Hello friends, Are you looking for some easy ways to treat hirsutism. Do you need complete information on Ketoconazole Cream for the treatment of excessive hair growth. If “Yes” then you have came to right place to look for Interesting Facts About Ketoconazole Cream for the Treatment of Hirsutism.


Ketoconazole  Cream for Hirsutism Treatment

1. Ketoconazole Cream is an antifungal drug used primarily for the treatment of fungal infection on the body.


2. It works by not letting the fungus to grow on your body and helps in the further re growth of the infection.


3. Ketoconazole is prescribed that Ketoconazole Cream should  be taken only if other medication have not been worked for the treatment of Hirsutism as it has major drawbacks.


4. It has major side effect on the liver and sometime can cause the need for liver transplant as well. So if you suffering from any liver disease then this cream is not for you.


5. Because of this reason it is recommended that you should talk to your doctor first before taking this medication. You should have some words with your  doctor about its benefits and side effects.

Ketoconazole Cream
Ketoconazole Cream

6. The consumption of Ketoconazole Cream has severe effect on pituitary ovarian and adrenal function. That is why it is also used for treatment of hirsutism. PCOS and hormonal imbalance are the two big reasons for Hirsutism.


7. It helps in drecreasing the serum androstenedione, dehydroeplandrosterone and testosterone concentrations from the body who is suffering from excessive unwanted hair growth.


8. Ketoconazole Cream can help in reducing Hirsutism by reducing the excessive androgen production and also decreased free androgen index from the body of the women.


9. If you take the dose in an adequate manner as prescribed by your doctor then this drug will able to show you the results within few months. It starts showing its result from 3 to 6 months depends upon the patients hair growth index.


10. But It has some severe as well and it can cause problems like hepatitis, Loss of scalp hair, headache and other biochemical changes in the body etc.


In Conclusion – Ketoconazole  Cream for Hirsutism Treatment

Many patients have seen a drastic change in their unwanted hair growth after using “Ketoconazole cream”. you can have this but after the recommendation of specialized doctor. No doubt it has some advantage as it helps in curing hirsutism but has some side effects as well. So we suggests not to use it if you suffering from some internal diseases especially Liver disease.

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