Best Easy Ways To Deal With Hirsutism With The Help of Ayurveda

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Best Easy Ways To Deal With Hirsutism With The Help of Ayurveda: Ayurveda is the natural way to deal with hirsutism. It has no harm to your health.

Best Easy Ways To Deal With Hirsutism With The Help of Ayurveda


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#1 Kusuma Oil

This oil is flavor less and colorless and mostly used in cosmetics and cooking. this oil many benefits in ayurveda.

It may also be taken as nutritional supplement. It can be easily available in the market as monounsaturated fatty acid and it is lower in saturates than olive oil.

This magical oil is used to remove unwanted hair or hirsutism in women.

#2 Thanaka powder

It is a Yellowish-white powder made from ground powder and it can be easily available in ayurvedic stores.

This powder is highly famous among women of Myanmar and Thailand because of its ayurveda benefits to skin.

They applied it to their face as mask. This powder is obtained from Thanaka tree and it has distinct pleasant odor. This powder has many benefits for skin such as nourishing skin and hydrating it.

It also has skin brightening effect which mainly comes from the stems of this tree rather than bark. Many cosmetic products have this powder in it. It is very economical and has no harmful effects on the skin.

Procedure to use

Remove all unwanted hair by shaving or shaving cream.

Take Thanaka powder for about 3-5 tbsp and mix it kusuma oil until it becomes a thick paste (just like hair removal cream)

Apply the mixture to the areas where you have just shaved and massage well till the paste gets absorbed into the skin.

Keep the paste on your body for about 3-4 hours. Do not wash or bathe.

Use this for about 3 months without any breaks in between.

Regular usage of this method helps in eliminating the further re growth of unwanted hairs.


#3 Ayurvedic waxing

This is the most easiest way to do waxing without damaging your skin. You just need water, sugar and sat nimbo which is basically an ayurvedic ingredient derived from the Indian Lilac tree. you can get this from any ayurvedic shops. Ayurveda can works wonders for skin and hair naturally and it has all most no side effects.

Procedure to use

Heat small amount of water, sugar and sat nimbo together.

Until the water reduces and turn into thick paste.

Apply the talcum powder on the affected skin and apply warm paste.

Spreading it in the direction of hair growth.

Now place a fabric such as muslin cloth or cotton stripes over the paste and press it to adhere.

Now pull the fabric into the opposite direction of hair growth.

It not only removes unwanted hair but also ensures the further re growth of hair is minimal.

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