How To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Exercise Naturally

How To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Exercise

How To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Exercise naturally: Nowadays, healthy lifestyle and happy living is the motto of most people. Most people desires for ideal weight and flat stomach. But let’s be honest, most of us are so busy in our life that we hardly get any time for ourselves including me.

I work 9 am to 6 pm at office, sitting in front of computer all day long. By the end of the day I get so exhausted that I do not have energy to do any hard work (I mean exercise). I am sure most of the people can relate with me. In this article, I will share some amazing tips to how to lose weight fast at home without exercise. In addition to this, you can easily consume apple cider vinegar for weight loss purposes.


How To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without  Exercise Naturally

Excessive weight if not controlled on right time than it can lead to obesity which causes health issues such as high blood pressure, heart attack, breathing problems, Diabetes etc. Therefore excessive should be considered as serious issue.

I am following how to lose weight fast at home without exercise plan from couple of months and I can see a major difference in my body. You should be consistent with these tips to see change in your body and appearance.

Use Small Plates for Your Meal


#1 How to Get Slim Fast Naturally At Home

Yes, there are ways which helps you to lose weight and answers your question that how to lose weight fast without exercise or diet. It is not necessary that you can only lose weight with those strict diet and exercise, of course it can definitely help you but these are not the only options left to lose weight.

How to Get Slim Fast Naturally At Home

There are some amazing and easy ways which if you follow regularly. There are ways which can lose weight in just one week. So if you want to know how to lose weight fast at home in a week then keep on reading.

1. Have Six Meals in a Day

Slow metabolism is the most common issue for weight gain. Having strong metabolism can help you to stay slim and fit. Instead of eating three big meals in a day, have six small meals. It will help your digestion system to work continuously and makes your metabolism strong.

2. Never Skip Your Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Try not to avoid your breakfast as it helps to activate your metabolism and gives energy for rest of the day. I know sometimes we don’t feel like eating in the morning but trust me it seriously makes a huge difference in your digestion.

3. Don’t Rush While Eating Your Food

Nowadays everyone is running around and doing their job that no one has time to waste but you should give your food time a priority and eat your food slowly. When you eat slowly, your brain will get tickle and feel full by eating less food. Have you ever noticed that when you eat fast then it always happens that you still feel hungry? Well, it happens with me. When I eat food slowly I feel way more satisfied.

4. Drink 8-10 Glasses of Water in a Day to Boost Your Metabolism

Drink 8-10 Glasses of Water in a Day to Boost Your Metabolism

As I told you earlier that metabolism plays very crucial role in your weight it needs to be treated. Drinking plenty of water can help to boost your metabolism. It also dissolves toxins and cleanses your body organs.

Make a routine of drinking at least 8 glasses of water. Also, have one big glass of lukewarm water in the morning after you wake up because while sleeping your body becomes dehydrated and it is important to drink water immediately after waking up. You can also add lemon slices in it if you want.


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#2 How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise In A Month

You can lose up to 5-6 kg of weight in a month without exercise. If you are sure about losing weight then these tips can definitely help you.

Drink 8-10 Glasses of Water in a Day to Boost Your Metabolism

1. Cut Down Your Sugar Intake

Eating excessive sugar is as dangerous as consuming drugs. Sugar intake can increase your appetite and you crave for more sugar. Cutting down your sugar intake can help to lose weight gradually.

Sugar increases insulin level in your body and it causes problems like heart attack, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes etc. So limit your coffee or tea intake in a day. I am not saying that you should quit sugar completely but limit your sugar intake. Have 1 cup of tea or coffee in a day then 3 or 4. With the help of these tips you can easily learn how to lose weight fast at home without exercise.

Cut Down Your Sugar Intake

2. Maintain Your Posture

While working in office or home always try to maintain your posture. It helps you to stay active and makes your backbone strong. It is kind of exercising but it is actually not. Always remind yourself that you need to sit straight and active. Believe me it helps. Also avoid elevator and use stairs in your day to day life.

3. Don’t Eat After 6 Pm

Now most of you know that eating food late at night is not good for your health. So I strongly suggest you not to eat anything heavy after 6pm. Eat your dinner before 6 pm so that it can have plenty of time to digest in. In the initial days you will find it difficult to not to eat after 6pm but you have to be strong if you want to lose weight. I majorly lose weight by not eating after 6pm. If you crave then I suggest you to eat small portion of salad but nothing heavy.

4. Add Fish in Your Meal

Add Fish in Your Meal

Fish and fish oil has good fatty acids that helps to lose weight. Avoid red meats and instead add fish in your food. Fish fat helps to burn fat in your body and helps you to feel satisfy with your food. You can also refer to this article fatty elements balance hormones to know more about goodness of fatty acids for your body.

5. Use Small Plates for Your Meal (How To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Exercise)

Use Small Plates for Your Meal

Leave your big bowls and big plates for a month and grab small plates while eating your meal. In this way, you will not overload your plate and eat the right amount of food that is required by your body. This is the trick I use when I am outside where I know I am going to eat unhealthy food.

6. Add Green Tea or Lemon Water in Your Daily Routine

Make a habit of drinking at least one cup of green tea in a day. Everyone knows the benefits of green tea for your body and health. It increases metabolism, cleanses your body, make your gut strong and what not.

Add Green Tea or Lemon Water in Your Daily Routine

If you cannot afford to drink green tea then squeeze one lemon in lukewarm water add one tablespoon of honey in it and have this drink in the morning daily. You will start noticing some major differences in your body weight.

7. Do Not Stop Eating Junk Completely

I have seen people who want you lose weight and they tend to stop eating junk completely and they fail miserably. You know why? Because your body is used to that junk food that you eat on daily basis and if you suddenly stop eating it then your body start acting up weirdly and you crave for more junk.

That’s happen all the time and you tends to eat lot more junk then you used to. So I suggest you instead of not eating junk completely, try eating less. For example: if you used to have 4 scoop of ice cream in 2-3 days, have 1 scoop of it. In this way your body will not crave for more junk.


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#3 Fastest Way To Lose Weight In 3 Days

It is possible to lose 1-2 kg of weight in a just 3 days. But if you want that then you have to be really focused and determine about your weight lose then only you will able to lose.

Fastest Way To Lose Weight In 3 Days

1. Drink 2 Big Glasses of Water in the Water

The time when you wake up, drink 2 big glasses of water immediately. This will help to cleanse and removes impurities from your body.

2. Eat Food Having High Fiber

Eat Food Having High Fiber

Cut down your daily intakes of sugar and carbohydrates and eat salad, fruits and nuts instead. Salads especially leafy vegetables have high content of fibers which consumes time to digest and it helps to cleanse your body as well. For 3 days say complete no to carbohydrates, fat, sugar and junk food.

3. Go For Run Outside

Running is the best cardio that you can do to lose weight. Running for an hour can helps to add 30 minutes in your life. Losing weight in just 3 days is such a challenge job to do. You have to add some kind of exercise to achieve it. You should run for at least half an hour in the morning and evening for 3 days. If possible you should continue this routine.

Note: Do not eat after 6 pm if you want to lose weight fast.

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#4 Home Remedies To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

How To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Exercise

Your kitchen is full of magical ingredients that help to achieve you your idol weight with little hard work. These remedies are easily available in your kitchen and it can save your pocket from crying as well.

1. Warm Water with Lemon And Honey

This is the oldest remedy which helps to lose weight and guys believe me it really triggers your body weight. Now here is the trick, do not drink this lemon water daily but drink every alternative days. The reason is if you drink it daily your body gets use to it and stop showing you the result. It is always good to add some kind physical activity just not only depend on How To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Exercise.


2. Cinnamon with Warm Water

Cinnamon with Warm Water

It has been scientifically proven that drinking cinnamon water will help to lose weight. You need to get cinnamon stick from the market and roughly grind at home. Mix cinnamon in warm water and drink it empty stomach in the morning. It will help to lose weight and also treats diabetes.

Note: never buy cinnamon powder as we want to drink fresh cinnamon water.


#5 Best Way to Lose Weight from Stomach

Majority of girls wants to have thin waist and thick thighs. Well it is considered to be idol figure for girls. But eating sugar in day to day basis and also junk food can deposit fat around your waist line. All the remedies and tips that I have mentioned today will help you to achieve flat stomach. Other than that following are some ways which helps to lose weight from stomach.

1. Do Cardio Thrice A Week

Go for run, dance or play badminton at least thrice a week. Adding cardio routine in your daily life can help to lose weight from stomach. Explore with different cardio and choose what suits. In my case, I love skipping. You can also walk on stairs 5-6 times in a day and it can help you.


Wrapping up

I hope this article “How To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Exercise” can help you in losing weight. In this busy world, most of the people have no time to join gym or other fitness club. If you too suffering from time issues then start including these tips in your life and see a major difference.

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