Top 10 Facts About Oral Contraceptive Pills for Hirsutism Treatment

oral contraceptive pills

Oral Contraceptives Pills for Hirsutism Treatment: When it come to treat hirsutism then oral contraceptive pills plays a crucial role in it. Oral pills helps to regulate the hormones in your body and thus also treats the hirsutism.

It also helps in controlling the menstrual cycle in your body and makes you fit and health. Following are some important facts that you should consider while starting your treatment with oral contraceptives pills.


Top 10 Facts About Oral Contraceptive Pills for Hirsutism Treatment


oral contraceptive pills


#1 Introduction To Hirsutism

Hirsutism is a one of the common disorder results among 10-12% women now days. It causes unwanted excessive hair on the body of women. The major cause of Hirsutism is PCOS that is poly cystic disorder syndrome. The most effective treatment is Oral Contraceptive pills.


#2 Symptoms Of Hirsutism

Due to Hirsutism women tend to get male like hair pattern on the androgen sensitive areas like chin, breast, back, stomach etc.


#3 Hormone Imbalance

This disorder is a major sign of increased androgen action on hair follicle from increased circulating levels of androgen in the body of women. Our hormones plays very important role in our health. Due to imbalance in hormones cause many diseases which is seen in many women of the world. It includes weight gain, obesity, infertility, nausea, mood swings, depression, irregular menstrual cycle, PCOS etc.


#4 Embarrassing situation

Most of the women who seek treatment for hirsutism do so for cosmetic reasons because excessive unwanted hair outside of cultural norms can be very distressing. Oral Contraceptive Pills has many benefits including treatment of hirsutism.


#5 Oral Pills For Hirsutism

One of the most common treatments available for hirsutism is Oral Contraceptive pills. It is one of the most effective treatment available in the market.


#6 Hair Growth

The hair growth depends from women to women and their treatment also shows results differently. If you do not see any within some time then do not be dishearten as it may be due to the hair growth pattern on your body.


#7 Benefits Of Oral Pills

It is suggested that Oral Contraceptive Pills treats hirsutism very well. It helps to lower the androgen level from the body and cures irregular menstrual cycle. The excessive androgen production in female body is the major cause of hirsutism.


#8 Dosage of Pills

The usage of this pills should be done with the recommendation of your prescribed doctor. Most of the women have start noticing the results within 6 months of its usage.


#9 No Damage Health

These pills have better formulation of higher estrogen and lower androgen potencies and thus it is ideal for curing hirsutism. This is the only treatment which do not cause any damage to our health making it very effective. So what are you thinking just grab your Oral contraceptives pills and treat Hirsutism.

#10 Do not Overdo

You should consult doctor if you suffering from other disease and do not take pills in excess amount and should follow the precautions measured on it.

Conclusion: ” Oral contraceptive pills” is one of the best treatment available in the market and also cures irregular periods problem.


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