How to Remove Pimples Naturally and Permanently at Home

How to Remove Pimples Naturally and Permanently

How to Remove Pimples Naturally and Permanently at Home: Pimples problem are faced by all most every person but it has been consider as one of the serious skin issues. Mostly teenagers are affected by them. Pimple is not the only issue that we need to treat but pimples can bring those stubborn marks and spots which is as problematic as acne or pimples. Sometimes these pimple marks takes lot of time to fade away but thankfully we have home remedies to remove them.

In this article I am going to discuss various methods or tips to how to remove pimples naturally and permanently at home. Yes market is flooded with many cosmetic creams, packs and other stuff to remove them but they are all expensive and chemical based. It is always best to use natural ingredients when it comes to your skin and Acne Scar Removal.


How to Remove Pimples Naturally and Permanently at Home

Nowadays most of the women and men are busy in their day to day activities that they don’t even noticed about how the sun and pollution are attacking their skin on daily basis. This is the reason I am here to tell how to remove pimples naturally and permanently at home. Home remedies are easily available and they are also environment friendly. You may even find most of the things in your kitchen.

How to Remove Pimples Naturally and Permanently at Home


Toothpaste for Pimples Overnight Treatment

Toothpaste for Pimples Overnight Treatment

Toothpaste is one of the most popular method for acne treatment. It is the fastest method to remove pimple from your face. Toothpaste contains very important ingredient to dry out the pimple which is baking soda. We all know the benefits of baking soda, we all use it in many ways for our skin.

It helps to scrub and hence remove blackheads and we can also use it in many face packs made in home. It is very simple to use toothpaste to remove acne. You need to cover the pimple with small amount of paste and leave it overnight. Next time when you have something important to attend then use this treatment to remove pimples.

NOTE: You should not overuse toothpaste treatment as it can cause little irritation if you have sensitive skin.


Honey and Lemon for Pimples (lemon for acne overnight)

One of the most common reason for pimple is secretion of sebum onto your skin. People having oily skin suffers from pimple problem more than other skin texture. Oil collects dirt and bacteria on your skin which further transfer into acne or pimple. Lemon has pimple removing properties.

Honey and Lemon for Pimples

It controls the production of excessive oil from your skin and also kills germs and bacteria that causes pimples. Lemon is highly beneficial for removing scars as well. It also reduces the redness around the acne. Honey has moisturizing property that give soft skin.

Take half lemon and squeeze out its juice into some bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix it well and apply to your face for about 15-20 minutes then wash it off with lukewarm water. You can also apply this pack at night and leave it overnight.

Tea Tree Oil Cystic Acne (Tea Tree Oil for Acne Scars)

Tea Tree Oil Cystic Acne

Tea Tree oil has antifungal and antimicrobial properties that is very good for your skin in many ways. It has been proven to treat pimples as well in an efficient manner. It helps to calm the irritated skin and also reduces inflammation from your skin.

It has been used to calm the burned skin as well and also treats skin infection. You need to take 4-5 drops of oil onto your palm and give a little rub and apply it on your face. Dab the oil on your skin rather than rubbing it. You can apply the oil at night and leave it overnight. Using this oil on daily basis can help to treat cystic acne and pimples.

If you want to dilute the tea tree oil then you can use coconut oil. If you have read my other articles then you may know the Benefits of Coconut Oil on your skin.

Ice for pimples

Ice for pimples

Using ice on your skin can give many skin benefits. It helps to soothe the irritated skin, removes scars, close the pores, remove puffiness from your eyes, acts as a cleanser, removes pimples. It is the cheapest method to how to remove pimples naturally and permanently at home.

Grab an ice cube from your kitchen and wrap it in the cotton cloth and apply it on your clean face daily in the morning and night to see effective results. It is not only remove pimples but also fades away any other scars from your face.

How to Steam Face for Acne at Home (steaming face benefits)

Steaming is very important for your skin and health and for that you don’t need to spend lot of money in salon and other sauna. You can give steam to your face very easily at home. Steaming helps to open the pores of the skin and kills many harmful bacteria and germs that causes pimples.

How to Steam Face for Acne at Home

It completely cleans your skin and give a nice glow on your face. You need to one bowl with hot water and a towel. You may squeeze a lemon in it if you want. Put your face near hot water and cover it with towel. Take frequent break as required by you. Repeat it twice a week.

Garlic for Pimples

Garlic for Pimples

Garlic has all the properties that helps to remove pimples. It also helps to remove scars from your face. It has anti inflammatory property to reduce the inflammation around your pimple.

Garlic can instantly reduce the pimple and if apply overnight then it can completely pimple from your face. Cut a clove into half and apply it directly on your pimples.

Baking Soda for Pimples

As I mentioned earlier in this article that baking soda helps to dry out pimples and can reduce the redness. This is also one of the simple yet effective method to how to remove pimples naturally and permanently at home. The simplest way to use baking soda is adding few drops of water to make a fine paste.

Baking Soda for Pimples

Apply the paste on your clean face and leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off with normal water. Repeat every alternative days to see major change on the growth of your pimples.

Honey and Cinnamon Face Mask Benefits

Cinnamon is known for its medical properties. It is used not just as a spice but as a cure for many diseases. Cinnamon helps to improve the fine lines on your face and also treats eczema. It is also proven to treat acne and pimples.

Honey and Cinnamon Face Mask Benefits

You need to have 2 tablespoon cinnamon mixed with 2 tablespoon of honey to make a paste. Clean your face nicely and apply the paste. Wash it after 20-25 minutes. This face mask has many benefits such as improves fine lines, soothes irritated skin, cures skin infection, remove pimples and marks etc.

Cucumber for Acne

Cucumber for Acne

Cucumber is known for its cooling effect on the skin. It has many nutrients and goodness that helps to remove the pimples permanently. You should pamper your skin cucumber on daily basis. Cut cucumber into pieces and apply it directly on your face. You can also extracts its juice and apply it as a mask.

Papaya for Acne Prone Skin (Papaya for Pimples)

Papaya is known as skin food. It is very good four health and skin. It just not only provides glow to your face but also helps to remove pimples also. Grind papaya pieces into fine paste and apply it directly to your clean skin.

Papaya for Acne Prone Skin

Leave the mask for good 20-30 minutes and then rinse it off. Use once or twice a week.


Wrapping Up

In this article “How to Remove Pimples Naturally and Permanently at Home” can be very beneficial if you also suffers from pimples and acne. Drink more water and use sunscreen on daily basis because today’s sun rays are harsh on your skin.

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