Top 11 Key points for Metformin Drug of Hirsutism Treatment

metformin drug for hirsutism

Top 11 Key points for Metformin Drug of Hirsutism Treatment: Hello friends, Are you searching for any specific method to cure hirsutism disease. Do you need all the required information on Metformin drug for treating hirsutism completely. If “Yes” then you have came to right place for to know: Key points for Metformin Drug of Hirsutism Treatment.


Key points for Metformin Drug of Hirsutism Treatment


1. Metformin is a drug or medication which was initially developed in the year 1957 for the treatment of diabetes type. In addition to this, it also helps to control sugar level in the blood.


2. It is biguanide derivative which helps in the suppression of hepatic gluconeogenesis.


3. It is also popular antihyperglycemic medication for the treatment of PCOD poly-cystic ovarian syndrome.


4. PCOD is considered as one of the biggest cause of hirsutism and infertility among women.


5. Hirsutism is a condition where women tends to get unwanted facial hairs on the androgen sensitive areas such as chin, neck, back, stomach etc.


6. Metformin has been proved in treating the hirsutism and PCOD.


7. It is an insulin sensitizing agent and known to boost serum total and free testosterone by targeting the ovarian androgen production.

Key points for Metformin Drug of Hirsutism Treatment
Key points for Metformin Drug of Hirsutism Treatment


8. Insulin is considered to be as a key factor in the hair growth. The women suffering from hirsutism or unwanted facial hairs has higher degree of insulin in their body.


9.It has been proven to cure PCOD by improving insulin sensitivity which causes in reduction of hyperandrogenemia and hence in the treatment of hirsutism.


10. It is not recommended for the people who are suffering from severe kidney and liver disease. As this drug has side effects as well. Consumption of this drug should be done with the consideration under the specialed doctor.


11. The effectiveness of Metformin in the treatment of PCOD related hirsutism is still being extensively researched. So there is chances of more improvement in the future.


In Conclusion – Metformin Drug of Hirsutism Treatment

You should consider your doctor first before starting this treatment as “Metformin” has severe side effects as well. But it has been proven that Metformin surely treats the hirsutism by lowering the production of androgen levels in the body.

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