Top 10 Hormones Responsible for Facial Hair growth (Hirsutism) 2017

Hormones Responsible for Facial Hair Growth
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Hormones Responsible for Facial Hair Growth or HirsutismHormones are the chemical substance produced in the body that are meant for controlling and regulating the various activities such as a digestion, metabolism, mood control, reproduction etc.

These are secreted by secretary glands and carried by blood in the form of tissue fluid.


Top 10 hormones responsible for Facial Hair Growth

It stimulates specific cells or tissues into action to perform some task. There should be proper balance in the hormones else it will cause many other diseases like hirsutism, obesity, fertility problems, depression etc.



It is the system through which the collection of glands secretes hormones directly into the circulatory system. Hirsutism caused due to imbalance in this system.



It is a male hormone, usually a steroid hormone that controls the development and maintenance of various male characteristics. This hormones responsible for facial hair growth as women has little production of this hormone but if the production is high then it causes hirsutism or unwanted facial hair.



It is one of the main hormones produced in males. It helps in development of muscle mass, facial hairs, male reproductive tissues, growth of body hair, bone mass, deepening of voice etc.



Hirsute females have increased level of 5a-reductase. Dihydrotestosterone is a primary androgen responsible for hair growth which is synthesize from the testosterone by the 5a-reductase type 2.



It is a hormone that is produced from the beta cell. It helps in regulating the metabolism by absorbing the glucose. If the level of insulin goes up then there is a chances of obesity and this hormones responsible for facial hair growth as well.



Insulin like growth factor 1 is produced by the high level of insulin which leads to the production of androgen in the body.


Congenital adrenal hyperplasia:

It is a disease or a group of inherited genetic disorder that leads to excessive adrenal production.


Hormones Responsible for Facial Hair Growth
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It is a steroid hormone found in males and females. This hormone is basically responsible for secondary sexual characteristics such as breast growth in women. It affects how our skin looks, whether our bones will be strong and healthy, also regulates menstrual cycle.



It is strong female hormone produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands. This hormone need to be in balance as it is responsible for maintaining the pregnancy, menstrual cycle etc.


Thyroid stimulating hormone:

It is pituitary hormone that stimulates from the thyroid gland. It has a effect on our metabolism. 20% of conversion is in the thyroid and 80% is in liver and other glands.


In Conclusion – Hormones Responsible for Facial Hair growth (Hirsutism) 2017

There is need to balance your hormones if you want to lead a healthy life. The biggest cause of unwanted “Facial Hair Growth” among women is hormone imbalance. You should give regular checkups to your doctor if you are suffering from hirsutism.


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