Best Daily Routine To Start Living with PCOS


Living with PCOS is very difficult part of the life. If you diagnose by PCOS and worrying about all things need to be taken care for living with PCOS than stay calm and read this article. This surely help to get rid of PCOS worries around you.

PCOS is a polycystic ovarian syndrome is a one of the biggest cause of Hirsutism . Hirsutism is a condition of getting unwanted hair among women on the areas where usually men do have.

living with PCOS
living with PCOS


Here is list of tips for Living with PCOS :

PCOS produces cysts on the ovaries and hence causes many diseases like irregular menstruation, obesity, diabetes, acne, infertility and many more.

There is medication available but if you stop taking that medication then cysts can produce again. So there is no as such complete treatment available.

But you can change some habits of yours to get rid of PCOS.


Exercise and lose your weight:

If you are gaining lot of weight due to PCOS then you need to pull out your lazy butt and put your shoes for exercising. Running is one of the best cardio for losing weight. Do some kind of exercise daily for at least 30 minutes.

Eat good food:

By good food I mean eat green vegetables and fruits. Eat good fats like omega 3, omega 6, short chain fatty acids etc. Try to leave junk food as much as you can.

Keep your body hydrated:

Water is the only best drink that can help your body to get rid of any unwanted toxins in your body. Drink 8-10 big glass of water daily. You can add few drops of lemon in it as well. One lemon a day keeps the fat away.

Smoking is injurious to your health:

We have heard this quote many times, so this is the time you should following it and live your life in a healthy manner. We should quit smoking.

Avoid caffeine:

It is difficult task but caffeine causes hot flashes, it promotes anxiety and nervousness among young women. By cutting intake of caffeine can helps in balancing the hormones.

Go on birth pills:

It is recommended by doctors that birth pills can help in balancing our hormones. The presence of estrogens in the birth pills helps in balancing our body and hormones.


Conclusion: Hence , we conclude that if you start living a healthy lifestyle, avoid those food that harms your body and properly consult a doctor you surely get rid of PCOS and start “Living with PCOS”.


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