Easy 10 guide for Cyproterone Acetate Pills for Treating Hirsutism

Cyproterone Acetate Pills

Easy 10 guide for Cyproterone Acetate Pills for Treating Hirsutism


Cyproterone Acetate Pills
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#1 Introduction

Hirsutism is a stressing and embarrassing kind of situation among women. In order to women do not lose their feminism, there are many cosmetic treatment are available in the market. Cyproterone Acetate Pills  is considered to be effective way for curing hirsutism.


#2 Cyproterone Medication

One such treatment is available that is Cyproterone Acetate Pills. It is a antiandrogen and progestogen drug which is used to cure androgen related diseases such as PCOD, hirsutism, infertility etc.


#3 Targets

It triggers the endocrine system of the body which is responsible for secreting hormones in the system.


#4 Hormone Balance

It helps to balance the hormonal system of the body and thus cure diseases like hirsutism.


#5 How It Works

Cyproterone acetate is one of the strong and constant progestin, which acts as a anti-androgen and treats hirsutism effectively.


#6 Daily Dosage

It is recommended that we should take Cyproterone Acetate Pills with ethinyl estradiol for the best treatment. Majority of the women have seen drastic change within 3-6 months of the treatment. Some also suffers from side effects as well.


#7 Power

It has the capability of blocking the androgen problem causing the reduction in the serum testosterone and androstenedione concentration in the body.


#8 Controls LH Level

It helps in decreasing the circulating LH level in the body. LH level or hormonal imbalances are one of the biggest cause for causing hirsutism.


#8 Recommended by Doctor

Cyproterone Acetate Pills for Treating Hirsutism is recommended to consult to your doctor before starting the treatment for hirsutism as it has some severe as well.


#9 Side Effects

The overdose of Cyproterone Acetate can cause irregular menstrual cycle, nausea, migraine, tender breast, mood swings etc. Every treatment has it own pros and cons so we should considered every aspects before starting any treatment.


Conclusion; “Cyproterone Acetate Pills” for Treating Hirsutism works in an effective way if its dosage is limited and treatment is done under prescrubes doctor.

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