Top 5 Fatty Elements That can Naturally Balance Hormones in your Body

balance hormones

Top food that can naturally balance hormones in your body: Food plays very important role in your health. It can change the total structure of your body. It also helps in managing your hormones in your body.

There are some food which are very essential for maintaining your health and controlling the hormones which is important for leading a healthy life.


Top 5 Fatty Elements That can Naturally Balance Hormones in your Body


If you struggle with hirsutism, thyroid, adrenal fatigue or any kind of hormones imbalance in the body then these 5 foods are absolutely must to naturally balance hormones in your body.

Some of the healthy fats might even surprise you. So here is a list of healthy food or fats to balance hormones naturally.

balance hormones


#1 Omega 9 fats

It includes food like avocado, almonds and olive oils. Avocado is packed with nutrients like potassium and fibers. It helps in balance hormones. Omega 9 fat is also known as monounsaturated fats. You need one serving a day to balance your hormones.


#2 Short chain fatty acids

These fats are produced by the friendly bacteria in your gut. It is main source of nutrition for the cell in your colon. These are found in things like butter, ghee, organic yogurt. These are very good for balance hormones. It makes your body fit and your gut healthy as well.


#3 Omega 3 fatty acids

It is known to reduce inflammation that is why it is good for balance hormones in your body. It is found in vegetable oils, walnuts, soy products, salmon fish or fish oil. It is excellent for balancing out the levels of your hormones in your body.


#4 Medium chain fatty acids

The main source of this fat is coconut. The main reason coconut is good for a hormone is that it burns fat as energy in your body. It stabilizes blood sugar levels. Sugar is a main cause for imbalance in the hormones. Any kind of coconut product helps in balancing the hormones.


#5 Omega 6 fatty acids

Surprisingly, GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) is also good to balance hormones naturally. It is found in hulled sesame seeds, durum wheat, eggs, vegetable oils, cereals. It is polyunsaturated fatty acids helps in proper functioning of brain, stimulate skin, regulate metabolism etc thus it helps in maintaining the hormones as well.



Conclusion: In order to “balance hormones” you need to start adapting change in your lifestyle especially your food habits. Food plays 80% role in balancing hormones and 20% exercise. Do exercise and Live a healthy life.


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