Top 10 Finasteride Side Effects for the Treatment of Hirsutism

Finasteride Side Effects
Finasteride Side Effects

Finasteride side effects for the treatment of Hirsutism: Hirsutism is a disorder which is also a sign of other diseases as well. Before starting any treatment you should give deep study about the side effects on your health.

Finasteride is one such treatment which comes with severe side effects on your body which you should consider first before starting your treatment.

Top 10 Finasteride Side Effects for the Treatment of Hirsutism


#1 Introduction

Hirsutism is a one of the common disorder results among 10-12% women now days. Finasteride Side Effects and uses plays a important in the treatment of Hirsutism


#2 Hirsutism Symptoms

Due to Hirsutism women tend to get male like hair pattern on the androgen sensitive areas like chin, breast, back, stomach etc. This also leads to depression and anxiety in many women as they are not familiar with the symptoms and cause of Hirsutism.


#3 Finasteride Medication

Finasteride is a medication which was initially used for curing prostatic hyperplasia and Finasteride Side Effects has major effects on the body of the patient.


#4 Hirsutism Treatment

Later it was discovered that this drug has inhibits 5alpha-reductate which is the main reason for curing hirsutism.


#5 Precautions

The woman who have been suffering from hirsutism due to PCOS or has idiopathic hirsutism (the cause of hirsutism not known) can have this drug but you should have the proper knowledge about the drug as it can cause many side effects on the body.

Finasteride Side Effects
Finasteride Side Effects



#6 Daily Dosage

Within 3 to 6 months of this medication, the patients start noticing the effective results on their body. The growth of the unwanted hair has been decreased after 6 months. Many doctors has seen many improvement as well as side of this medication.


#7 Hormone Balance

It helps to suppress or block the activity of androgen which is the main steroid hormone regulates the excessive hair growth.


#8 Dosage

It is prescribed to take 2.5 to 5 mg of dosage of this drug and within few months the visible difference are being seen by the patient.


#9 Side Effects

The hair growth depends from women to women and their treatment also shows results differently. It has been seen that some women has less effect on their unwanted as compare to other women and others also suffers from major Finasteride Side Effects.


#10 Common Side Effects

Finasteride Side Effects are inflammation, severe headaches, loss interest in sex, weakness in the body, dizziness,  running nose, tender breast, swelling of hands and feet etc but for curing hirsutism luckily has some side effects on the body of the hirsute women if its usage is done under the prescribed doctor.


Conclusion: Although “Finasteride Side Effects” has major impact on the body but it also treats the hirsutism very well. The majority of women who were suffering from excessive hair growth were satisfied with the result and other has side effects on their body.

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