Top 11 Basic Facts About Electrolysis Hair Removal for Hirsutism Treatment

Electrolysis Hair Removal
Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis Hair Removal for Hirsutism Treatment: There are many treatment available in the market. Electrolysis Hair Removal is one such treatment. It is not a permanent way of curing hirsutism but it has provided some revival to some extent.

It removes hair from your face by the help of technology and targets the follicle and hence remove it from your face.

Top 11 Basic Facts About Electrolysis Hair Removal for Hirsutism Treatment


#1 Introduction

Electrolysis Hair Removal is one of the cosmetic treatment available in order to remove unwanted hair from the body parts like chin, back, stomach etc.In this the removal of hair root take place with the help of strong heat beam using electric current.


#2 It Works On

Basically Electrolysis Hair Removal are of three types that is galvanic, thermolysis and blend (which is combination of galvanic and thermolysis).


#3 Method Used in it

Galvanic method is not being used now days as it is slow and painful. Most of the people opting for fast and effective method.


#4 Fast Approach

Thermolysis and blend are preferable method as these are more fast and advanced. They targets the hair follicle and removes the unwanted hair from its root.

Electrolysis Hair Removal
Electrolysis Hair Removal


#5 Main Job

The main purpose of Electrolysis Hair Removal is to target hair follicle in order to disable it and cause the hair to fall out its root completely.


#6 Advantage

It will prevent from the further re-growth of the hair follicle by damaging it permanently. But there will still very fine hair will still be present on the body parts.


#7 Differences

The basic difference between galvanic and other two is that galvanic uses electrical energy and other uses radio energy. Radio energy works in the form of waves which is more safer than galvanic.


#8 Suitable for Face

Electrolysis Hair Removal is suitable for small body areas such as face but not recommended for larger areas as it takes lot of time in treating each and every hair follicle.


#9 Hair removal

With repeat treatments, one can achieve 25-50% of unwanted hair loss.


#10 Expensive

It is one of the expensive treatments available in the market. So if you are willing to spend good amount of money then go ahead.


#11 Some Side Effects

There is a chances of hyper pigmentation on the areas where the treatment has been used. Moreover your body will become more prone to problems like rashes, skin allergy etc. Sun will be your biggest enemy then.


Conclusion: “Electrolysis Hair Removal ” is considered to be one of the best permanent hair removal treatment. But that does not mean that it will eradicate the complete growth. Your body still have some fine hair but it will not show up as much as it do before.

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