Top 9 Hidden Facts about Laser Hair Removal Treatment

electrolysis hair removal

Laser hair removal treatment is one of the most used method for the treatment of excessive or Hirsutism hair growth in women.

laser hair removal treatment

Facial hairs or excessive hairs on the body can cause lot of damage to your personality. Of course, there are lot of temporary methods which help you in removing hair but don’t we hate going saloon every next 2 week? Well the answer yes.



Top FAQ about Laser Hair Removal Treatment:


Most of the women don’t really have time in visiting those parlor every next few days but we have shaving option too RIGHT? But don’t we hate the stubborn stubble that popes out the next day.

Laser hair removal treatment can help to eradicate these problems and it is permanent way of removing hair from your body.


Does this treatment really remove hair permanently?

No, it helps in removing the dark and rough hair but there are some fine hair will still be there on your body. Don’t worry the hair is so fine that nobody can see it clearly.


Is Laser hair removal treatment safe? 

 Yes, if the treatment is done from certified board dermatologist’s office.


How does the treatment works?

 Well the laser beam targets the colored pigments of your follicles and beam removes and targets the root of the hair.


Is Laser hair removal one time treatment?

 No, the treatment will take some time like 4-5 sitting but it would be worth it.


Do patch test by your physician first?

 Laser treatment is not for all so it better you should do some patch test before starting with your treatment. There is no harm in being sure about it.


Laser hair treatment is bit painful

 You will feel like someone is snapping you with something and the treatment is not so relaxing but results will be worth it.


Avoid going out in the sun after you done with your treatment

It is not prescribed to go out in the sun after you done your Laser Hair Removal Treatment. It will prone your skin to UV rays more. Use sunscreen always.


Do shave first before going for laser hair removal treatment

Waxing is not recommended as it can be harmful because laser will remove the upper layer of your skin. So it’s better to shave the area where you have hairs.


Things to keep yourself  away from using it

 keep yourself away from tanning products, spray tans or lotions etc. Do not exploit your skin with some scrub immediately after your treatment.


Conclusion: You must known the pros and cons about the “Laser Hair Removal Treatment” before getting your treatment done. In this way you will be totally sure about it and will keep yourself safe from the side effects.


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