Top 5 Mistakes That You Are Doing While Washing face That Lead To Pimples


Mistakes that you are doing while washing face that lead to pimples: Most of the time we do not pay attention while washing our face which leads to problems like acne, breakouts, pimples, skin allergies, dryness etc.

The most neglecting part is the way we use our face products because we think it is most easy thing to wash our face.

Today I am going to tell you the various mistakes that you are probably making while washing your face:

Top 5 Mistakes That You Are Doing While Washing face That Lead To Pimples



#1 Use anti bacterial soap

Most of the soaps that are present in the market are filled with chemicals that can kill friendly and fruitful bacterial from our face which leads to various skin allergies.


#2 Use separate clean towel for face

The biggest mistake that we people do is that using same towel that we use for our body. Using dirty towel make things worse if you are suffering from any face problems like pimples, acne etc instead separate your face towel from body towel and clean it every alternative day.


#3 Dirty hand mistake

Have you ever noticed that whether you have washed your hands before touching your face. Our fingers are contaminated with so many germs and dirt. When we wash our face with dirty hand then those germs passed to our face and results in problems like acne, pimples, breakout, skin allergies etc.


#4 Over washing face mistake

There are some people who only wash their face in the morning and not at night and others are who wash their face every 3-4 hours. Both are wrong way. We should never over wash our face as it also sucks out the natural oils that our skin secretes.


#5 Hot water for washing face mistake

Everyone get tempted with hot bath in winter but hot water used especially on face can make face very dry. Avoid using hot water and use lukewarm water instead.


Conclusion: If you often suffers from the “Pimples” problem then you should start follow these tips and you will start noticing massive change on your skin and pimples. Our face is the most important part of our body so do not ruin your face with silly mistakes.

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