Top 5 Most Believed Health Myths That You Should Avoid – 2017


Health Myths that you should stop believing right now

Health Myth 1:  Eating food that contains fat will make you fat

Health myths

This is the most believed health myths that you should stop believing it right now. Eating fat is not actually that bad. There are many good fats available which is actually good for your health like avocado coconut oil or fish oil.

Eating even less amount fat actually makes you feel that you are more satisfied and full. The root cause of getting fat is eating everything in an excessive manner, no matter whether you eat salt, sugar, carbohydrates etc. Health Myths like this can harm your healthy life.

In fact if you eat fat in appropriate manner it will not make you fat but healthy. There are many companies that come up with fat free titles but they exceed the amount of salt and sugar to increase the taste of the product.

I have wrote the article about fatty elements that actually can help you body and your hormones to remain in balance.

Health Myth 2 : Vitamins supplements makes you healthy and wholesome

It was believed for many many years that eating or taking vitamins supplements will make you healthier but it is not true believe me.


It was a false belief which becomes very common and famous knowledge among people. Taking vitamins supplements in an excessive and that too on the regular basis can actually harm your body.

Your body will get used to it and you will then not survive without taking it. So these health myths should not be believed.

Health Myth 3 : Moisturizing oily skin makes it oilier


In India where there is hot and humid weather there are many people that suffers from oily skin problem. Oily skin is the natural habitat of pimples and acne. It is one of the biggest health myths that moisturizing can make you oilier.

Therefore most of the oily skin people avoid using moisturizer which is not actually good. Not using good moisturizer can increase the production of sebum which then produces oil on your face.

So you should not believe this myth and try to use oil free moisturizer for your better skin health.

Health Myth 4 :Extreme exposure of sun can help to get rid of acne and pimples

How many of you believed that exposing your face or skin under harsh sun can help you to get rid of acne and pimples.

This is obviously not true fact. Extreme exposure of sun can harm your skin as today’s world is getting polluted day by day and due to depletion of ozone layer, the sun rays are getting stronger every day.

Try to know the root cause of your acne and treat it accordingly with the help of dermatologist.

You can also check the article on natural remedies to remove pimples.

Health Myth 5: Go gluten free is all you need for good health

It is new trend that people are following blindly that going gluten free is healthy for their body. It is not true. Many food like wheat, rye, barley etc do contains gluten in it and they are essential part of healthy diet.

Health myths

It is suggested that if you are allergic to gluten then only you should go gluten free diet that makes you health but if you do not have any kind of digestion problem while eating gluten food then you should eat gluten based food because they contains minerals, fibers and vitamins.

So health myths like these can actually harmful your health and doing reverse effect.

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