8 Benefits That Your Belly Button Can Do For Your Health

belly button

8 Benefits That Your Belly Button Can do For You

belly button
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Cure face pigmentation

Apply lemon oil on your belly button  and massage well for good 15-20 minutes and it will helps to cure facial marks, pigmentation around your mouth and forehead. It also helps to remove acne marks from the face.

Cures Menstrual pain

Soak a cotton in the brandy so that it completely sucks the brandy but not in excessive amount. Keep the brandy dipped cotton on the belly button for 30 minutes and this will cures and ease menstrual cramps and pain and gives great relief.

Cures acne

Take small amount of neem oil and apply it to your belly button and massage until it absorbed it. Regular usage will ensures to get rid of pimples and acne.

Cures cracked lips

If you have cracked lips and very dry lips then you need mustard oil and apply it  again in order to heal it. within s week you notice a huge difference in the appearance of your lips.

Glow you face

Every girl has a fantasy to have a glowing face without using any chemicals on their skin. Well you can have glowing skin naturally if you apply almond oil on your belly button every alternative day. You will see the visible difference in your skin within few days.

Cures and Improves Infertility

If you suffering from infertility issues or irregular menstrual cycle problems then you need to apply coconut or olive oil to your belly button to improve your fertility.

Cures Cold and flu

Keep alcohol dipped cotton on your belly button to get rid of cold, flu and running nose. it is most easy and fast method to cure cold and flu.

soften the skin

Apply pure clarified butter made from cow milk on it to soften and brighten the skin. So start doing from today to get that freshly new born skin.

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