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Review Wardah Lip Cream (Using Wardah Lip Cream No 3, 5, 8, 9, 11 & 12)

Review Wardah lip cream: Hello friends, today I am going in some different zone by posting and review wardah lip cream which is very popular kind of lip product available in the market.

Lipsticks are always best friend of women. It can change your face and highlight the most beautiful women’s feature that is her lips.

Wardah is one of the brands which are famous for its vibrant and unique color ranges of lipstick and lip cream. What is lip cream? It is a liquid product which has some pigment and it is extremely soft on your lips when applied. It doesn’t come in the category of lipstick because it is kind of cream that you usually use on other parts of the body.

I am going to review wardah lip cream so you can see the actual product before purchasing it. I shall also add some swatches of the product so that you can judge the color of the lip cream by yourself.


Review Wardah Lip Cream (Using Wardah Lip Cream No 3, 5, 8, 9, 11 & 12)

Review Wardah Lip Cream: They are very pigmented and glides easily on your lips. It stays for about 6-7 hours on your lips. It doesn’t dry out your lips. The color payoff is excellent. I am highly impressed by these lip creams. They comes in large variety and almost every skin tone can find some shade from this range for themselves.

It is little bit patchy after sometimes because of its formulation so it better you should give some precautions before wearing this lip cream. There are some application techniques you should follow before applying any kind of lip product which I shall also mention in this article.


Review Wardah Lip Cream


#1 Wardah Lip Cream No 1 (Red Dicted)

Wardah Lip Cream No 1


It is true red color which has peach/orange undertones in it. It looks beautiful on almost every complexion and it is perfect for day as well as night time look. I personally love this color.


#2 Wardah Lip Cream No 2(Fuschionately)

Wardah Lip Cream No 2


Wardah Lip Cream No 2 is a fushia pink color which has purple undertones. It is bright and pop up color which definitely attracts audience for you if you wear it on your lips. It looks beautiful on fair to medium skin tones.


#3 Wardah Lip Cream No 3 (See You Latte)

Wardah Lip Cream No 3

It is a true nude color and has some little peech undertone in it. It will look good on fair skin tone if you come from deeper skin tone then this will wash you out. This color is perfect for day to day casual wear.


#4 Wardah Lip Cream No 4 (Pink Me)

Wardah Lip Cream No 4

It is true pink color and very beautiful color for fair to medium skin tone. It is perfect for day time look.


#5 Wardah Lip Cream No 5 (Speachless)

Wardah Lip Cream No 5

It is peach color lip cream. Peach is one such color which looks beautiful on deep as well as fair skin. It is perfect for brunch party, daytime outings etc.


#6 Wardah Lip Cream No 6 (Feeling Red)

Wardah Lip Cream No 6

This is beautiful red color which has blue undertone. It is perfect red for brownish skin tone. It works best for night time looks.


#7 Wardah Lip Cream No 9 (Mauve On)

Wardah Lip Cream No 9

This shade is mauve kind of nude color. It is very comfortable to wear on lips and looks perfect at daytime. It is my favourite shade from wardah lip cream.


#8 Wardah Lip Cream No 10 (Berry Pretty)

Wardah Lip Cream No 10

It is dusty pink mauve kind of nude shade. It is very beautiful and looks appealing on fair skin tones.


#9 Wardah Lip Cream No 11 (Oh So Nude)

Wardah Lip Cream No 11

It is perfect brown nude which has some undertone of pink color and it looks best on every skin tone.


Wardah Lipstick Application Techniques

There are many ways you can apply lip cream or lipstick but my favorite Wardah lipstick application techniques which are as follows:


image via


1. How to Apply Lipstick On Dry Lips (Apply Vaseline Life Hacks)

Apply Vaseline (petroleum jelly) before 15 minutes applying any kind of lip product and swipe it with tissue paper. It helps to moisturize your lips and make it perfect for matte lip products. It also helps to exfoliate your lips.


2. How to Apply Lipstick Without Lip Liner

 After using above method, take your lip product and make a cross sign on your cupid bow. Then start from centre of upper lip and fill it carefully and then fill your lower lower lip.  


3. How to Apply Lipstick on Dark Lips

Pigmented lips or dark lips is big issue when applying lip product as color will not be same on your lips as seen on product itself. Before applying lip product apply concealer or base on your lips and then apply lip cream to see the actual color on your lips.


In Conclusion – Review Wardah Lip Cream (Using Wardah Lip Cream No 3, 5, 8, 9, 11 & 12) 

With this “Review Wardah Lip Cream” I hope you guys like the review and swatches of the lip cream. Lip creams works best on day to day basis and I recommend this product if you are makeup junkie like me.

Review Wardah Lip Cream


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