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Irregular Periods Home Remedy: How to overcome Irregular Periods Naturally

Irregular Periods Home Remedy (How to overcome Irregular Periods Naturally): Irregular periods are one of the most common problems faced by many women and girls at this time. You are healthy only if your periods are regular and on time. Irregular periods lead to many health issues such as infertility, obesity, anxiety, ovarian disorder diseases and what not.

A normal period time or cycle ranges from 23 to 34 days which means that you will have 11 to 13 times period in a year but if you are having periods only 6 to 7 times then you have irregular periods but irregular periods home remedy can helps you to overcome this issue. Sometimes you have periods twice a month which is normal.

Irregular periods symptoms are nausea, cramps in lower abdominal area, anxiety, stress, vaginal discharge (white liquid) etc. Irregular periods can be very dangerous to your health so you should not neglect it.


How to overcome Irregular Periods Naturally-Irregular Periods Home Remedy

There can be many reasons to it but the most common reasons are poor diet habits and stress. Other irregular periods reasons are diabetes, thyroid disorder, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome or disorder), pregnancy, STD (sexual transmitted disease), hormone imbalance, over exercise, excess weight gain etc.

Irregular period home remedy helps to change your body and control your hormones and balance out your periods. Ayurvedic medicine for irregular periods can also help you in overcoming this issue if you have severe problem but you should consult your doctor first.


Irregular Periods Home Remedy

So if you want to know how to overcome irregular periods naturally then read this article carefully.


#1 Ginger for Irregular Periods

ginger for irregular periods

Ginger helps you to manage your menstrual cycle and hence it is highly beneficial for your body. It deals with irregular periods and makes it regular. It also helps in giving relief of menstrual cramps. So when in doubt go for Irregular Periods Home Remedy.

Method: Grate ginger and take out its juice. Add it to the one cup of water. Add honey or sugar (optional). Drink 3 times a day after having meal.


#2 Cinnamon Tea to Start Period

cinnamon tea to start period

Cinnamon tea to start period is highly good for delayed periods. It is known to regulate your periods and eradicate them from your body. It also helps to lower menstrual cramps.

Method: Add 1 tablespoon of cinnamon in 1 glass of warm milk. Drink this twice a day.


#3 Aloe Vera for irregular periods

Aloe Vera for irregular periods

Aloe vera has many health benefits. It is good for your skin and hair as well. Aloe Vera also helps in regulating periods by managing your hormones. Drinking natural juice has many health benefits.

Method: Get Aloe Vera juice directly from plant and mix it with little water so that you can drink it without any difficulties. Do this method before having breakfast in the morning.


#4 Turmeric for Irregular Periods

turmeric for irregular periods

Turmeric has medical properties such as antiseptic and anti bacterial. It is also known to relieve menstrual cramps and pushes blood flow. It is warm spice so it is highly beneficial home remedies for periods to come immediately at home. Irregular periods home remedy is good as it has no side effects.

Method: Take 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder. Mix it with 1 glass of milk and drink it daily.


#5 fennel seeds for irregular periods

fennel seeds for irregular periods

If you want to know how to get periods immediately if delayed then use fennel seeds. It is known for regulating periods and also helps to detoxify your body.

Method: Soak fennel seeds in one glass of water at night and drink that water in the morning.


#6 Unripe Papaya for Irregular Periods

unripe papaya for irregular periods

Unripe is known to contract muscles of uterus which is the reason that it is most followed by many women and it is best for women for ask for how to get periods in one day naturally.

Method: Grate unripe papaya and eat it like salad. You can drink juice of unripe papaya if you want.

Note: Do not consume it during periods.


#7 Raisins for Irregular Periods

Raisins for Irregular Periods

Nuts are very good for your health if consumed in proper amount because they are warm in nature. Raisin and dates are good such nuts that helps to regulate your periods appropriately.

Method: Take handful of dates and raisin mixed and eat daily once.


Irregular Periods Home Remedy – overcome Irregular Periods Naturally


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