Top Battle Between Waxing Mustache and Threading Upper lips

upper lips

Top Battle between waxing mustache or threading Upper lips hair: Facial hair Hirsutism is a one of the common disorder results among 10-12% women now days.

Due to hirsutism women tend to get male like hair pattern on the androgen sensitive areas like chin, breast, back, stomach etc.

The disorder is a major sign of increased androgen action on hair follicle from increased circulating levels of androgens.

Most of the women who seek treatment for hirsutism do so for cosmetic reasons because excessive unwanted hair outside of cultural norms can be very distressing.

The hair growth depends from women to women and their treatment also shows results differently.

Waxing upper lips and threading it are the two common ways to treat unwanted hair. So let see which is the best method to remove upper lips hair.


upper lips

Top Battle Between Waxing Mustache and Threading Upper lips





It is one of the most common methods available in order to remove upper lips hair or unwanted hair. It is not a permanent method to remove hair. The hair is removed with the help of wax. You need to melt the wax and use it on the upper lips and then apply cotton stripes available in the market and then pull it off. These days waxing are becoming more popular as to remove facial hair. There are many saloon who use waxing for eyebrows as well.



Easy and efficient

Cost effective

No harmful side effects

It helps in removing tan and dead skin from the body

It helps to destroy hair follicles

The re growth of hair takes time if you use waxing



If you have sensitive skin then you will have rashes problem on your skin

Not suitable for fine and tiny hair

It is not a relaxing procedure. If you have coarse growth of hair then waxing will be painful



It is one of the common and most used methods to remove facial hair. You need a thread for this purpose and an expert to pull out the facial hair from your skin. It is very popular method to remove upper lips hair and other facial hair.



No side effects

Cost effective

Easy and fast

Fine and thin hairs can easily be removed






Quick re growth of hair

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