Top Patanjali Medicines for Hirsutism Treatment – 2017


Top Patanjali Medicines Hirsutism Treatment which is very useful if you are going through Hirsutism problem or Excessive hair growth.

Hirsutism is a disease which is caused by hormonal imbalance in your body. It also causes like obesity, hypertension, irregular periods etc. Regular checkups are recommended if you are suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome.

Exercise plays a very important role in balancing our hormones and losing weight. Besides exercise, there are other patanjali medicines available in the market which can help in balancing the hormones.

So here is the list of Patanjali Medical products which can be used for Hirsutism Treatment:


Top Patanjali Medicines Hirsutism Treatment: Saptasaram kashayam


This is one of the Top Patanjali Medicines Hirsutism Treatment which about 70% women in India have used it and found good.

In addition to this, It is the very famous ayurvedic medicines made with 7 herbs. This is the reason it is called sapta means ‘seven’. It is based on the principles of Kerala ayurveda practice.


If any one has PCOS disease, it can be used to cure PCOS if consume regularly. It is also known to remove hip pain, reliefs from heart and stomach aches. This is natural way to cure Hirsutism if it is caused by PCOS.


Method to use it: Take 15 ml medicine. Mix it with 60 ml water. Drink the mixture before taking meal. It should take daily or prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctor.


Benefits: It helps to cure PCOS.

It treats menstrual pain.

It helps to treat pain which is arising from the pathology in the underlying organs of the lower abdomen.


Top Patanjali Medicines Hirsutism Treatment: Triphal Churan


Triphal Churan is  basically formed with two hindi words i.e. tri means ‘three’ and phal means ‘fruit’. It is not a kitchen herb or a single fruit but three fruit in one form.

Triphal Churan is surely very useful Ayurvedic medicine. It is present in the form of powder and can help to cure many diseases.

Top Patanjali Medicines Hirsutism Treatment

Method to use it: Take 2 tbsp of churan or powder with the water at bedtime every day.


It has anti allergic properties

Helps to regulate blood pressure

Acts as a detoxifier

Reduces inflammation (one of the cause of Hirsutism)

Improves eyesight, blood circulation and many more things.

Hence , Triphal Churan is a good candidate for Top Patanjali Medicines Hirsutism Treatment.


Top Patanjali Medicines Hirsutism Treatment: Divya Medohar Vati


Although it is not concerned with hormones and balancing them but it can cure one of the biggest causes of hirsutism that is obesity. If you suddenly gain lots of weight, it can be due PCOD or stress which causes hirsutism as well.

This ayurvedic medicine helps to lose weight naturally. It is in the form of pills.

Divya Medohar Vati is considered to be “Top Patanjali Medicines for Hirsutism Treatment”.


Method to use it: Take 1 pill 30 minutes before breakfast and 1 pill 30 minutes before dinner.

Benefits: Lose weight

Trigger belly fat


Note: It is not prescribed to be consume by children below 12 age and pregnant women.



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