Real Meaning Of PCOS Awareness And Its Root Cause That You Might Don’t Know Before

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Real Meaning Of PCOS And Its Root Cause That You Might Don’t Know Before



PCOS awareness



PCOS stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOD that is polycystic ovarian disorder. It is formed from the two words which is poly means many and cystic means cyst.


You might know from our previous post that this disorder causes many small cysts on the ovaries and PCOS awareness is very much necessary among teenage girl these days because it can cause problems like hirsutism, acne, infertility or irregular menstruation cycle.


These cysts are actually follicles which are eggs released by the ovary.


We can say that ovaries are producing too many follicles. PCOS awareness might help you to get rid of it easily and on time.

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There are relation between follicles and cysts that is sacks wraps the follicles eggs completely and then cysts are formed out of it. Hence androgen are produced in the body.


These androgen are then transformed into estrogen with the enzyme known as aromatase cytochrome p450.


Now this blocks the normal working of the ovaries and produced estrogen in the body of the female.


Thus it produced high androgen in the body. PCOS awareness helps you to identify the symptoms which are common and other PCOS types.


This is due to kind of diet you ate not just junk food but also the foods like meet can cause to increase the androgen level in the body.


High level of insulin in the body is the biggest cause of PCOS which you get from eating too much sugar.


This high insulin causes to increase the level IGF-1 which is basically a insulin level of growth factor.


IGF helps to regulate the sugar level in the body when you are not eating lot of sugar. But if you eat sugar too much then this factor get out of balance and cannot functions properly.


If you taking too much then IGF-1 cause to produce the androgen in the body.


Adrenal also produced high level of androgen in the body. This is due to high level of stress and anxiety.



Conclusion: PCOS  is syndrome which can easily be cure if you take proper health care and do exercise daily. Avoid sugar as much as you can and drink water. PCOS and “PCOS awareness” is very much necessary as it is a root cause of many diseases like hirsutism or excessive hair, infertility, acne, obesity, irregular periods etc. If you can tackle PCOS then you can cure other related disease as well.

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