Top 11 Magical Benefits Of Chironji In English For Health

Chironji in english

Top 11 Magical benefits of Chironji In English For Health: Chironji in english is known as Buchanania Lanzan and  it is an almond type flavoured dried seeds from a plant buchanania lanzan or almondette tree. You need to crack the shell of the fruit to get the seeds but they are available in the market as well.

It is best known for using as a topping of sweets. It is widely used in India in the sweet recipes and as a spice as well. The taste of Chironji is kind of hazelnut or pistachio.

It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, cardanol, anacardic acid, fats etc


Here are magical benefits of  Chironji in english For Health

Chironji in english
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The seeds are used to cure the urinary infections and fever.


The seeds, leaves and branches are filled with rich medical properties. The seeds are widely used in ayurveda. This helps to cure many types of health ailments.


The oil obtained from this is used to cure diseases like diarrhea and neck gland inflammation (swelling).


It helps to improve eyesight and cures bowel disorder.


It helps to make liver healthy and strong. Thus helps to make the skin youthful and radiant.


It acts as a cooling agent and helps to relieve sun burns and helps to counter the burning sensation in the body.


The face pack made out of it helps in the removal of unwanted facial hairs or hirsutism which is excessive hair growth among women and also builds more cells on the skin.


The leaves and branches is used as a oil ointment which helps to lighten the blemishes and provides relief from the prickly heat, rashes and skin marks.


It cures the blood disorder and infections and ulcers.


The seeds of this plant help to increase the formation of semen which further helps to increase the amount of blood cells in the body.


According to the Unani the juice extracts from the leaves of chironji helps as a digestive tonic and also purifies the blood. It is also used in Aromatherapy.



Conclusion: This magical dry fruit is packed with so many benefits that you should definitely start using it. This medical plant has almost no side effects on your body. It has been proven very good for your skin and health. “Chironji in english” is known as Buchanania Lanzan.

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