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How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally Overnight (Dark circles Treatment)

How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally Overnight (Dark circles Treatment): Stress, late night studies, sleepless nights and many more such things has got us all with really bad dark circles under our eyes. Sometimes it is hereditary but no one has ever escaped from this problem. There are many Effective ways to remove under eye circles.


Not only women face this issue but even many men has also encounter dark circles problem. If you are too facing dark circles problem then you have just came to the right place. You can tackle this situation naturally if you know how to remove dark circles naturally overnight and what to use and not to use under your eyes.


Sometimes dark circles warn you about your bad health or bad living habits. You should not neglect this problem and start considering some good habits so that you can lead a healthy and beautiful life. If you want to know how to remove dark circles naturally overnight then stick to this article.


Home remedies for dark circles under eyes fast (How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally Overnight)

Of course market is flooded with many makeup products which are temporary solution but using makeup daily is really bad for your skin. There are eye creams which show their result after so long and they are filled with chemicals. Natural products and ingredients is always a better option. Today I am discussing some my favorite best treatment for dark circles.


1. Honey under Eyes Overnight

Skin under your eyes is very delicate and sensitive it needs moisture 2 times more than rest of face. Honey is the best natural and inexpensive ingredient that is present in your kitchen.

It is better to apply honey at night because night is the time when your skin actually recovers. You can mix with vitamin E oil if you want to add extra goodness to your moisturizer.


2. Aloe Vera for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Have you checked my benefits of aloe Vera on face overnight then you know the amazing benefits of aloe Vera can do to your skin. It is best ingredient when it comes to remove pigmentation.

It is best to use natural gel directly from aloe Vera plant and mix it with coconut oil and apply think layer under your eyes and wash it in the morning with lukewarm water. Use it daily if you want to completely get rid of dark circles.


3. Almond Oil for Dark Circles

Almond oil is filled with vitamin E and other fatty acids which is highly beneficial for your eyes. Due to dryness under your eyes can cause blackish tone dark patch.

You can simply alternate your expensive eye cream with almond oil. In addition to this, you can mix almond oil with rose water and apply it under your eyes.

You can also mix Vaseline petroleum jelly with almond oil and apply under your eyes and leave it overnight. After few days you will start noticing the difference.


4. Castor Oil for Dark Circles

Organic and natural castor oil has plenty of goodness in it. Castor oil contains anti oxidant and it is rich source of vitamins. It promotes healthy skin and also protect your under eye skin from further damage.

It not only removes dark circles but also rejuvenates your skin and helps in removing fine lines and wrinkles. Apply castor oil under your eyes and leave it overnight.


5. Argan Oil Around Eyes

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Argan oil has many benefits for your skin and hair. Applying argan oil can reduce the darkness under your eyes and also helps in puffiness. It makes the area under your eyes soft and smooth. Apply argan oil at night with your ring finger and give soft rub around your eyes.


6. Apple Cider Vinegar for Dark Circles

Apple cider vinegar is one of the magical ingredient in your kitchen it has many health related benefits. When it comes to dark circles then ACV also helps you in reducing the appearance of dark patches.

It improves the blood circulation around your eyes. Take a cotton ball and soak it in apple cider vinegar. Squeeze it and remove the extra fluid and apply under your eyes at night and leave it overnight.

Note: ACV is acidic in nature and can cause irritation if it gets in your eyes. So be extra careful while applying ACV under your eyes.


7. Baking Soda for Dark Circles

Baking soda is one best ingredient for removing pigmentation and dark patches from your face and body. It also helps in removing blackheads and whiteheads from your face.

Take half cup of warm water and mix 1 tablespoon baking soda and stir it. Take cotton ball and soak it in your baking soda mixture and apply it under your eyes and leave it and wash it in the morning.


8. Tomato For Dark Circles

Tomato has anti bacterial properties and it has natural bleaching agent in it. Mix 1 tablespoon tomato juice with curd. You can also mix rose water in it. Apply it under your eyes and leave it overnight and wash it in the morning. Use it regularly for effective results.


9. Olive Oil For Dark Circles 

Apply extra virgin olive oil mix with coconut oil under your eyes daily at night and wash it in the morning. Both these oil is known for nourishment and helps in repairing skin under your eyes. Coconut oil is like a night cream for your skin.

10. Black Seed Oil For Dark Circles under Eyes

Black seed oil (kalonji oil) also works fantastic in removing dark circle. This ingredient has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is known to remove skin related issues. Apply thin layer of black seed oil under your eyes and leave it overnight.


In Conclusion – How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally Overnight (Dark circles Treatment)

These are some my best ingredient for “How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally Overnight” which definitely works if you are consistent with them. Proper sleeping habits plays crucial role in your health and also drink plenty of water.

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