Top 15 Hidden Tips For Your Health That Can Change Your Life


Top 15 Hidden Tips For Your Health That Can Change Your Life



Tip: 1

If you have a toothache then rub some ice between your thumb and forefinger. This helps to relieve the pain by up to 50%. This is best health tip related benefit as teeth are responsible for many diseases.

Tip: 2

Put your hands in ice water and flex them if you have a migraine.

Tip: 3

Keep an onion near you at night if you have a stuffy nose.

 Tip: 4

Turn the water to cold  at the end of your shower to prevent acne and pimples.

Tip: 5

Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth if you have a brain freeze.

Tip: 6

Scratch your ear if you have a tickly in your throat.

Tip: 7

Put deodorant on a mosquito bite to stop the itching.

Tip: 8

Warm olive oil and apply to the roots of the hair and cover the hair with the shower cap. Wash it after 45 minutes and you will get smooth and silky hair.

Tip: 9

Freeze aloe vera gel in ice cube tray and apply it to the sunburned area to get extra cooling effects.

Tip: 10

Create a brew of mint tea and allow it to cool. Add 2 tbsp of this to 1 tbsp of turmeric. Leave it for 10 minutes and It will helps to remove blackheads.

Tip: 11

Wash Your face with green tea to eliminate wrinkles and reduce under eye circles.

Tip: 12

Put epsom salt, coconut milk powder and oatmeal in the bathing tub to get hydrating and soft skin. It is best of the health tip that I have used.

Tip: 13

Do not apply Shampoo to the length of your hair. This will Cleanse your hair and prevent frizz.

Tip: 14

Coat eyebrows with vaseline at night and wake up with thicker and fuller eyebrows.

Tip: 15

Mix 1 lemon juice in the water and stir well. Use this mixture as a mouth wash.

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