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Hair Growth on Face Due to Hormonal Imbalance (Excessive Hair Growth)

Hair Growth on Face Due to Hormonal Imbalance (Excessive Hair Growth): Excessive hair growth or unwanted hair growth on face is the major concern for many women in today’s world. It is one of the most subtle topics to talk about as it is concerned with many women’s emotion. Sometimes unwanted hair growth on face can be signal about your bad health.

Excessive hair growth in females can be due to hormonal imbalance, increase in insulin level or due to hirsutism. PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is also the major cause of unwanted hair growth on face.


Hair Growth on Face Due to Hormonal Imbalance (Excessive Hair Growth)

Hair growth on face due to hormonal imbalance can cause two effects on your body hair. Either you will have excessive hair growth on face or your hair will start shedding. When your hair starts falling then this condition is known as aelopecia. It is equally important to consider both the issues and consult your doctor.

Every woman is giving lots of attention towards their health. Unwanted hair on hair is not a good sign. Excessive hair growth on face due to hormonal imbalance can be tackle with exercise, healthy food and healthy lifestyle.


What are the reasons for unwanted facial hair growth?

Our human body has natural hair follicles since from the birth. It is an essential part of body. When we are born the hair on our body is fine and delicate but as we grow the hair become coarse and thick. Women usually has mild hair growth on their face but due to hormonal imbalance our body start acting up weirdly and results in the excessive facial hair growth.

#1 Higher Androgen Level in the Body

Our body has vellus hair which is present since our birth but hair growth on face due to hormonal imbalance causes terminal hair which is thick. This can due to the increase in the androgen level such as testosterone in the body of women due to puberty or hormonal imbalance.

The androgen level is usually higher in men as compare to women. Therefore man has thick hair on their chin, upper lips etc. When woman has unwanted facial hair because of hormonal imbalance then it is tend be in “male pattern” and has thick hair growth on face, chin area, upper lips etc

#2 Polycystic Ovarian Syndromes or Disorder (PCOS)

PCOS is a disorder which causes cysts on the ovaries of female due to which causes facial hair growth and other problems. PCOS causes hormonal imbalance and women tends to have facial hair growth. Other problems that PCOS cause are acne, hair loss, infertility, irregular menstrual cycle, nausea, hyper pigmentation etc.

It is a condition that directly related with the hormones. This is also the major cause of hair growth on face due to hormonal imbalance.

#3 Hirsutism (Excessive Hair Growth)

Hirsutism is a condition where women tend have excessive hair growth on areas where it is usually seen in men like chin, chest, abdomen areas, upper lips etc.

There are various causes for hirsutism but some major causes are ovarian tumour, PCOS, Adrenal tumor, Cushing’s syndrome, consumption of certain drugs like minoxidil, cyclosporine etc.

#4 Increase In The Level Of Insulin

Consumption of more sugar and other poor eating habits is also the major cause of hair growth on face due to hormonal imbalance. Insulin is required in our body to absorb the fibers and sugar but when Insulin level increases in our body it causes hormonal imbalance.

Therefore it is very essential to take care of your eating habits. Eating healthy food directly show up on your body and skin. It is always good to avoid fast food and other beverages like soft drinks.

#5 Inheritance

Unwanted facial hair can be genetic and it can be inherited in you from your mother, aunt or any other female relatives. It is seen in many parts of the world that unwanted hair is derived from the family.

How to Stop Facial Hair Growth in Females Naturally

There are many ways that is useful when it comes to how to stop hair growth on face. There are natural home remedies and other cosmetic therapies which is useful in removing the facial hair. I shall discuss some of my favorites in this article.

#1 How to Stop Hair Growth on Chin and Neck

The easiest way to remove unwanted hair growth is waxing. Of course waxing is not a permanent solution but it is long lasting and inexpensive.

Plucking and threading is also effective but they are not as long lasting as waxing. If you are looking for the easiest and inexpensive way to remove facial hair then waxing is good option for you which will last you like 10-15 days easily. But if you want a permanent solution then laser treatment will be best for you. Before going for this do not forget to check Top 9 Hidden Facts about Laser Hair Removal Treatment.

#2 How to Remove Face Hair Permanently With Home Remedy

Home remedies works best if you want to remove facial hair naturally. I have shared an article about How to Remove Face Hair Permanently With Home Remedy. But my best natural process is applying a paste made of besan (chickpeas), curd and lemon. When the paste is dry then scrub it off. The unwanted hair will fall off.


Final Words – Hair Growth on Face Due to Hormonal Imbalance (Excessive Hair Growth)

There are many health related issues when your hormones become out of balance.”Hair Growth on Face Due to Hormonal Imbalance” is one of the major sign of your bad health. It is always better to look for doctor if you encounter these kind of changes in your body. Eating habits and your lifestyle plays a vital role in your health. So eat healthy and live healthy. Do exercise often.


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