Face mapping- What Face Pimple Telling about your body?


Face mapping is considered to be very important aspect in respect to telling about health of your body. Usually I believe face pimple on certain areas is due to disorder in that certain body organ. Face Mapping is useful to control all issues related to these organs.

In certain condition if your face starts getting thick hair (men like hair) than this is called as Hirsutism. The main cause of Hirsutism is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or problem associated with ovaries.


Face mapping- What Face Pimple Telling about your body?

The reasons why you have pimples on certain areas of face are due to some issues related to your health. That is why Chinese medicine calls the face ‘The window to your health’. Your acne certainly tells you about your health and what is going on in your body. Following are the list of different areas of your face with acne and health issues related to it:

Face Mapping of Upper forehead:

This area is directly linked with the digestive system, large intestine and the bladder. When you got poor digestive system going, the body will have problems in breaking the food. It will produce toxins in your body. Try to eat more antioxidant rich foods and drinks.


Face Mapping of Lower forehead:

According to Chinese medicine, this is area which is associated with mind and spirit. If you have pimples on this area then this might be due irregular sleeping patterns, stress, Depression, bad blood circulation etc. You people need to relax your body and sleep early.


Face Mapping of  Nose:

It directly reflexes your heart. It causes due to blood pressure and stress. Again you need to relax and calm down.


Face Mapping of  Eyebrows:

This area having pimple indicates that you are having issues with your liver. It causes due to high consumption of alcohol, high fat diet. So you know now what you should not to do.

Therefore Face Mapping of eye brows indicate that if liver is not healthy than pimple use to come on eyebrows.


Face mapping


Face Mapping of Ears:

Have you ever experience stubborn pimple on your ears? Well this due to kidneys This causes due to not drinking much water and taking too much sodium or caffeine.


Right side cheek:

It correspond to the lungs, pimples can caused because of allergies, respiratory disorder and smoking.


Mouth & Center of Chin:

It is linked with stomach and small intestine. Eating too much fast food and constipation are two reasons for having pimples on these areas.


Face Mapping of Sides of chin:

It is linked with reproductive organ and kidneys. It is caused due to irregular menstrual cycle or hormonal imbalance or maybe you are taking lots of stress. So i say just relax.


Hence “Face mapping” is considered to be one of the most useful technique to control face pimples and maintain body health. 


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