Easy 8 ways to use Epsom Salt for your health and skin


Easy way to use Epsom Salt for your health and skin: Epsom: salt has many health benefits which can help you to lead y healthy life. It is best to use natural methods instead of going for chemicals.

Epsom salt has amazing benefits to your health which I am going to elaborate today.

Easy 8 ways to use Epsom Salt for your health and skin

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#1 Control sugar level

Increase in the insulin level in the body is the biggest cause of diabetes and makes your health worse. Epsom Salt helps in regulating sugar by controlling the insulin in your body.

It has proper sulphate and magnesium content which leads to lowering the insulin and sugar level in your body. Thus lowering the risk of diabetes.


#2 Makes you hair heavier

You can equal amount of Epsom salt and hair conditioner and mix it well and heat it up slightly. Apply the mix to your hair and leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse it off. You will notice the massive volume and health to your hair after 4-5 use.


#3 Calms down the strain

Epsom Salt is best known for soothing sprains or wrench. You need 1 cup of salt and mix it in the warm bucket of water. Dip the affected area for sometimes. The pain will go slowly and you will be relaxed. It is major step in your health as it also relieves from stress.

#4 Exfoliates the skin

The fine granule of salt particles helps in removing the dead layer of skin from your body. Make a mixture of salt and lemon and apply to your body and massage gently. This will make your body smooth, soft, make your health very good.


#5 Removes Constipation

It is also known as a great saline laxative which works wonder in clearing the digestive track. Mix 1 spoon of salt into glass full of water once in a day and drink it. Do not excess the dose of the drink.


#6 Removes black and white heads

Make a mixture of 1 spoon of salt and warm water. Apply the mixture to your black heads with cotton pad and then it rinses it off. This will make your pores open which clears the face.


#7 Relieves anxiety and stress

Take 2-3 cups of Epsom salt and put it in your bathing tub or bucket. This will helps in relieving stress and relaxes your body.


#8 Clears the skin

Mix the small quantity of Epsom salt in your moisture cream or face wash daily and you will be amaze to see the results.


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