5 Top Reason Why Dates are The Most Beneficial Food


5 Top Reason Why Dates are Most Beneficial Food: Dates has many health benefits which cures many disease and helps you to kead a healthy life.

If you consume dates as mentioned below then you will find major difference in your health.

5 Top Reason Why Dates are The Most Beneficial Food

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#1 Cures diarrhea

Dates have great amount of potassium in it which is very beneficial mineral for curing diarrhea by relieving the belly flora. Dates help to soothe the constipation and make our digestive system healthy. You can soak the dates in water for overnight and then drink it in the morning. This will help to boost the metabolism.

#2 Cures anemia

Dates are rich in iron and vitamin A which helps in the treatment of anemia. You can consume 100 grams of it in a day which is about 0.9 mg of iron. It is also beneficial for Red Blood Cells and haemoglobin which supports good flow of oxygen in the body.

#3 Reduce obesity

It has no cholesterol and it is very useful if it is consume in empty stomach in the morning. This helps to control the body weight and obesity. Most of the people are people are suffering from excessive body weight due to hectic schedule. We all know that obesity is the cause of many diseases like PCOS, hypertension, blood pressure etc. You should exercise as well but if you are not having healthy diet then nothing can help you from obesity. Diet plays 80% of role in losing weight and 20% exercise.

#4 Cures heart disease

As it has no cholesterol which is very healthy for your heart, it helps to strengthen the heart and cures many diseases like heart attack, blood pressure etc. You can soak it in the night and in the morning strain it and pull out its seed and blend it in the blender and eat.

#5 Prevent strokes

As dates are filled with potassium and other goodness it also protects you from stroke as well. It helps to improve the nervous system. You can have 200-400 mg of potassium.

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