Activated Charcoal For Underarms Whitening: Charcoal & Honey Pack

Activated Charcoal for Underarms Whitening

Activated Charcoal for Underarms Whitening method is the best to get beautiful and clean underarms. Dark underarms are the biggest turn off especially when you want to wear sleeveless clothes.

Well majority of the women suffers from dark armpit now a days due to over expose in pollution, shaving, harsh chemicals present in most of the deodorants etc.

The skins of your underarms are extremely sensitive anything harsh can ruin it. So you have to take great care of underarms as precaution is better than cure.

activated charcoal for underarms whitening

Activated Charcoal Skin Whitening- Steps to take care of your underarms on day to day basis


Wash Your Underarms With Clean Water Daily

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Washing your underarms is very much important just not only during bath in day time but also it is important to wash your underarms at night before going to bed.

Just take clean plain water and rub it on your underarms and wipe it with towel. During the day when you are indulging in day to day activities, you do not realize how dirty and sweaty your underarms are.

So do not forget to wash your underarms before going to bed. Clean water removes dirt, excess sweat etc.


Say No To Alcohol Based Products

Say No To Alcohol Based Products

Most of the deodorants are filled with harmful chemical and alcohol which are harmful for your underarms. Alcohol based products contains harsh chemicals which is extremely bad for your skin.

Try to use roll on with no alcohol in it. I personally love using the nivea fresh natural roll on which works absolutely amazing. It gives nice fresh fragance to your underarms and you will feel fresh all day.


Stop Shaving Frequently

Stop Shaving Frequently
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When you shave daily your skin underarms get exposed to the sharp blade and it damages your skin really badly. Shaving is okay when you do it once a week but if you are into shaving daily then it is a bad idea.

Due to blade there is chance that your blades are reacting with your skin and it causes hyper pigmentation. The sweat present in underarms reacts with the blade and causes dark underarms.

But most importantly doing anything to your underarms in excess will cause damage your skin definitely.


Go For Honey Underarms Waxing

Go For Honey Underarms Waxing

Honey is a natural product which has many anti bacterial properties and has bleaching property as well.

When I say go for waxing then I mean stop using razor daily and opt for waxing once in 15 days. Yes you should not overdo waxing as well.

As I said over explosion of your underarms is anyways bad for your underarms. Waxing is better option to remove your hair or you can also go for laser treatment.


Add DIY To Your Regime

It is always better to go for natural DIYs than investing your money into harsh chemical based products.

Whether you are suffering from dark underarms or not you should use some home remedy to pamper your armpits.

Apply some honey with few drops of lemon and apply it on your underarms and wash it off after 10 minutes. Following this regime can give you flawless underarms.

Treatment For Dark Underarms – Activated Charcoal For Underarms Whitening

Activated Charcoal for Underarms Whitening


Activated charcoal for underarms whitening is best for removing impurities from your body and skin. Ancient people used charcoal as a cleanser for almost everything.

But with the advancement in the technology we people tend to use chemical based products which ruin our skin.

Activated charcoal is a charcoal which is heated on some scientific temperature in order to create pores in it which sucks out the impurities from the skin.

Activated charcoal for underarms whitening is the best way to achieve beautiful underarms without damaging your skin.

It is a best detoxifier in the world. It has so many benefits for your skin. Now we see how it will help you use activated charcoal for underarms whitening.


Things you need:

Activated charcoal capsules (easily available in the chemist), natural honey (you can use patanjali honey), some drops of lemon juice and aloe vera gel (try to use gel from the plant itself).

Process to use:

Empty 3 capsules into some bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of honey. Add some drops of lemon and ¬Ĺ tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Mix it well and apply to your underarms.

Do not put down your underarms while it is working. Wait for 10-15 minutes and then wipe it off with the clean water.

You will see drastic change in the complexion of your underarms. Follow activated charcoal for underarms whitening treatment once in 15 minutes and do proper care of your underarms.

Conclusion Activated Charcoal For Underarms Whitening:

Flawless and clean underarms is a dream of many women which can be achieve easily if you take good care of your underarms. “Activated charcoal for underarms whitening” is a treatment which will show you the result in one time use. So go try it and see it by yourself.


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